What the savior blocks

In general, Keyboard Savior Xtreme blocks pages from detecting keystrokes, thus, they can’t interfere with normal browser behavior.

Input fields

There is no good reason sites should hijack keystrokes on checkboxes and other non-textual <input> tags, so the savior blocks this kind of thing:

But sites can sometimes use keystroke handlers on textual inputs for useful things like character counters, [1] so this is allowed:

[1]New code should prefer the input event.

Likewise, the savior permits contenteditable areas to capture keystrokes. Rich-text editors need this to implement word-processor shortcuts like ctrl+s:


The savior allows pages to override keyboard shortcuts on <audio> and <video> elements, so in this example, the P key pauses and plays the video [2]:

But the media exception only applies applies when not using the browser’s built-in controls, so the P shortcut won’t work on this video:

[2]Video from the UK National Archives


The savior can’t stop popups, but it allows sites to handle the escape key on the off chance that they designed their modals correctly:


Games usually have good reason to implement custom shortcuts, so the savior allows full screen pages to do whatever they want:

Pointer lock

Pointer lock lets a page trap your mouse, so it may as well be allowed to trap your keyboard too: